swelling battery

Samsung responds to allegations of swelling battery of its smartphones

In early October, some bloggers reported a problem with battery swelling in a number of Samsung smartphones. This did not go unnoticed by the South Korean brand. His representatives announced the start of an investigation into this matter.

swelling battery

One of the first to report the anomalous behavior of a branded gadget was a popular tech blogger under the nickname Mrwhosetheboss. According to him, the battery on the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone swelled so much that the back cover came off. 

Later, both viewers of the channel and other content makers announced similar problems. However, the journalists of the SamMobile portal, who checked about 50 devices, did not encounter such a defect.

In response to these reports, Samsung spokesman Chris Langlois said the company is aware of the situation and is investigating accordingly. He also said that all users whose smartphones suffered from such a defect can contact the company’s technical support service.

The manager emphasized that a slight swelling of the battery is not dangerous – such a state of the battery is provided for by the design of the smartphone. However, if the battery “swells” too much, it can actually damage the device. Mrwhosetheboss himself believes that the problem affects up to 250 million people, but, according to some foreign media, this figure is actually much less.

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