MTK SN Write Tool Can Fix Corrupt IMEI Rewrite IMEI Of Mediatek Phones


After providing big support for Mediatek Phones like Preloader Vcom Usb Drivers with installation guide now i want to tell you how to fix corrupted imei of mtk phones. Of Course there are many ways to achieve this like using MTK65xx.APK ( works on MT6577, MT6513, MT6515, MT6575, MT6517 and need rooted phone ) and with service codes to re write imei , i think sn write tool can do this more easily as there are many newbie users. So just download this Imei write tool and do this on your pc.



Download Latest version of SN Write Tool for fixing IMEI of Mediatek Phones ( MTK Phones).


Download link


  1. Perform NVRAM Cleanup  or  Phone Format (recommended).
  2. Remove and reinsert the battery. If this is not possible, wait 1 minute after switching off the device.
  3. Flash the device with full factory firmware in accordance with the instructions: 
    Flashing a smartphone / tablet on MTK with a flasher of version 3.x
    Firmware of a smartphone / tablet on MTK with a new flasher of version 5.x
  4. Disconnect the device from the charger and computer. 
  5. Install METAMODE mode drivers
  6. “IMEI&SN Writer”.
  7. Set in the Settings, Platform section: SMART PHONE and a point on USB.
  8. Set the checkboxes in the Write Item section to: IMEI_1, IMEI_2, BT, WIFI. Enter in these fields the values ​​​​to write to the phone.
  9. Press the Select DB button . The dialogs for opening the Modem DB and AP DB database files will open in turn .
  10. Press the Start button. Connect the switched off phone to the computer. Wait for the process to complete.
  11. Close the program with the Exit button.
    Turn off the phone by removing the battery or holding the button for a long time: Power.
    Turn on the phone and make sure the connection is working properly.

Do it with MTK65xx.APK


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