Ubqari is a nonprofit organization run by Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtai from Lahore and he is very popular for his ubqari wazaif including most famous ayat e karima ka wazifa and tib e nabvi nuskha jaat. All these ubqari totka and nuskha jaat are free of cost for the public worldwide.

Jinnat ka paidasi dost

On this page, you will find all the ubqari wazaif by the Sheikh UL Wazaif 100% authentic. If you are looking for quick home remedies for your problems including health and wealth. Millions of people have benefited from his wazaif which according to Quran Sharif and Sahih Hadith Sharif.

Who is the owner of Ubqari?

The name of the owner of the Ubqari Organization is Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtai from Lahore. He gives the public very useful wazaif in his books called ubqari magazine, especially in the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.

He built ubqari tasbeeh khana for the peoples of Pakistan in Lahore for his daily dars in which his ubqari wazaif new to update the poor people.

If you are from any part of the world you can listen to his dars on Youtube and Facebook Ubqari live today. He also started Ubqari Magazine and Ubqari Medicine with a wide range of Ubqari dawakhana Lahore and all our Pakistan from where you can buy Ubqari Medicine. You can also check the prices of medicine on Ubqari Official Website.

Ubqari Medicine Online Order

On the official website, all the updated prices are listed with delivery options just you need to select a product and enter your address to get one at your doorstep.

Hakeem Sahib also builds ubqari dealers with contact numbers all around Pakistan.

These medicines are for every category of life which can not be mentioned here.


Ubqari Organization also built Mobile Apps for Android and Apple IOS Users. You can download it from the official Play or Apple store as well.

Ubqari contact number

If you can not visit the Tasbeeh Khana or Ubqari Davakhana you can also contact this mobile number as well to get free treatment at your home as well as he goes Live on local TV Channels with the help of ordinary people. Live questions and answer sessions are also included on Local TV channels.

Ubqari contact number: +92-42-37425801-3 ( WhatsApp and Direct Calls)

Ubqari contact numbers are Karachi and Lahore, you can give orders via the above-given number.

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Sheikh ul wazaif also wrote many ubqari books for a wide range of categories you can buy themes online with online payment from your credit card or can order with cash on delivery as well.

They have also started all over social media as well like on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ubqari Popular Services and Products:

We will try to mention popular products by Ubqari here for your interest like Health for Men & Women.

  • Ubqari desi ghee
  • Ubqari hair oil
  • Ubqari jantri 2022-2023
  • Ubqari magazine pdf
  • Ubqari naqsh
  • Ubqari shampoo
  • Ubqari shadi course
  • Ubqari taweez
  • Ubqari cream
  • Ubqari cough syrup
  • Ubqari chehra shifa
  • Ubqari honey
  • Ubqari herbal shampoo
  • Ubqari hormones shifa
  • Ubqari herbal hair oil

and many many more.

Ubqari Wazaif in Urdu

The very famous wazaif of Ubqari gives quick and free relief to the public. This wazaif is also available in pdf file format as well as in image format. The Ubqari Magazine can also be downloaded or can be read online.

Sheikh of wazaif wins the heart of the people of Pakistani very quickly however there are many peoples who are not happy with him.

Among his popular books is “Jinnat ka Pedaishi Dost” which is the most-reader silsila in Monthly Ubqari Magazine. Ubqari anmol khazana is also popular with the whole community of Muslims and is available in 2 parts in PDF Download format.

Ubqari is also popular among women for their best beauty and health needs with ubqari beauty tips in English and urdu language.