OnePlus: goodbye to MediaTek from 2024, the company will only use Qualcomm’s SoC


According to what is learned, it seems that OnePlus , as well as Realme , two brands that are part of the BBK Electronics group, intend to abandon MediaTek starting from 2024 in favor of Snapdragon solutions. 

In a nutshell, it seems that the two companies intend to use only Qualcomm SoCs for their smartphones in the near future. To say it, a well-known web insider on the Weibo microblogging portal, Digital Chat Station .


OnePlus: why will it abandon MediaTek?

In fact, according to the leaks, obviously OnePlus 12 5G will adopt Qualcomm’s premium solutions, while the flagship killers and midranges will use medium and medium-high range Snapdragon processors. 

On the contrary, so far Pete Lau’s company has always chosen MediaTek processors; we think of the Nord 3, the Ace 2V, the OnePlus Pad tablet and more.


Returning to the OnePlus 12 instead, this will be one of the first smartphones in the world to have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3; will arrive later this year and will feature a 2K OLED screen with 144 Hz refresh rate, UFS 4.0 storage up to 1 TB and will have an incredible camera. 

It will support wired and wireless fast charging. However, there appear to be concerns about the rising cost of Qualcomm’s chipsets, especially the more expensive ones, due to the move to TSMC’s 4-nanometer N4P manufacturing process. 

This move could make many brands capitulate towards MediaTek but OnePlus – as well as Realme – seems willing to stay with the Snapdragon SoCs.

Source: Weibo


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