OnePlus 11 Concept equipped with a liquid cooling system


The OnePlus 11 Concept was unveiled at MWC 2023 in Barcelona. The device received an eye-catching design and unique Active CryoFlux liquid cooling technology, which allows you to “squeeze” more power out of it.

OnePlus 11

Inside the OnePlus 11 Concept, an industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micropump is used to pump a special liquid through the “blood vessels,” as the company calls them. The manufacturer claims that this pump occupies less than 0.2 cm² of area inside the housing.


According to OnePlus, Active CryoFlux can reduce the temperature of the device by 2.1 degrees Celsius during gaming sessions, resulting in a frame rate increase of 3 to 4 fps. While charging, the smartphone cools down by 1.6 degrees, which reduces the charging time by 30 to 45 seconds. But the most amazing thing is that thanks to the transparent cover and LED lighting, you can see the flow of liquid inside the case.

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