How to get WhatsApp numbers to chat?

What would we do without WhatsApp ? One of the most used applications around the world with which we can chat with a large number of people, although clearly to get that it is essential to have the number of these people, it is like adding someone to a social network, only you have to have the number telephone number of the same. This way you can meet people via WhatsApp, but how do I get the numbers ?

How to get WhatsApp numbers to chat? 1

History speaks for itself and WhatsApp made history. It was the only application that could stop us from using SMS forever, it is the app that is making us stop using traditional calls. It is the app that all phone companies have come to hate and for which many, but many, have eliminated their “unlimited” plans for their customers.

WhatsApp is what it is, one of the most used applications in the world, the messaging app that is undoubtedly the most used and today we want to tell you how to get WhatsApp numbers to chat.

When we think about the best apps in the world, or at least the most popular ones, since measuring which ones are the best has to do with many differentiating factors, we find that WhatsApp is probably at the top of the charts of most users. Indeed, it should be noted in this regard that we are talking not only about the most popular messenger on the planet, but also about an application that billions of people have installed on their smartphones today .

The first thing to consider in this regard is that you will surely find on the web a large amount of tutorials and all kinds of information related to WhatsApp, although many of them are nothing more than deceptions and scams in which a good number of users. In this particular article, our idea is to be able to show you one of the best WhatsApp tricks of today, in particular the one that will allow you to get virtual numbers for WhatsApp 2017, to verify and install WhatsApp on any Android device.

One of the advantages of this method to get free WhatsApp virtual numbers that we will teach you is that you will not have to install any application or program on your mobile device, but you simply have to access a web page that has everything you need about it. In fact, before continuing with the other details, you need to access the next page from a PC browser or directly from your Android device by simply clicking on this link .

How to get WhatsApp numbers to chat? 2

WhatsApp number to chat

Of course you have to keep in mind that adding unknown people to WhatsApp can be a double-edged sword, but since the app allows you to block, hide a profile picture, the last connection and that is not the end of the world. The idea is basically that thanks to this you can meet more people and make new friends and maybe something else.

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Get WhatsApp numbers

In reality, WhatsApp was not created to meet people in particular, the idea of ​​the application is that we keep communicated quickly, flexibly and above all economically with the people we love, with our acquaintances and not as much as an app for meet new people, for this there would be apps like Badoo or Tinder to give some examples.

Similarly, and by taking advantage of the mention of these two applications, when you mix the three you can get WhatsApp numbers without much effort.

I say without too much effort because you have to keep in mind that the girls or boys you meet in Badoo, Tinder or any social network to meet people are just more predisposed to do it, to meet people, so after a short speech you can ask for the WhatsApp number of that person and possibly do not hesitate to give it to you.

You can use the classic excuse that notifications do not arrive well and that is why you cannot respond quickly, that if you pass WhatsApp to have a more fluid conversation. Or that you use Badoo from your PC and go out for a while, if you pass WhatsApp to continue chatting, etc.

In short, thanks to these applications and even the huge amount of online chat that exists today , we can get a good amount of phone numbers varied enough to be able to have girls chatting through WhatsApp .

As you will see, it is not too complicated to get WhatsApp numbers , it is about having a little chat and remembering, if a way of speaking has served you and gave you the right point, continue to use it and adapt it to the girl you have to talk to continue to receive WhatsApp phone numbers , for now is the only way to get numbers, nor is there any kind of list where beautiful girls are registered to have dates or chat through the app, right? Come on, it’s not even that complicated.

Virtual numbers for WhatsApp

Once we are inside the page to which we sent you, you have to press on the option “Try it for free”, which is located in the upper right part of the screen, and you will see that the system itself teaches you two possible registration methods The first has to do with a quick registration, what we can do through Facebook, and the second, with the traditional method, in which we have to enter each of our data. If you are going to opt for the latter, for whatever reason, you should know that you must enter a valid email address, as this is where you will receive the account confirmation code .

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After confirming all your data, you must log in to access the system using them. When you are in this section, you have to click on the option “SMS and online calls”, where you will see that the system asks you for a specific prefix to continue . You will need to add an area code that is real in the United States or Canada. This is not a minor detail, in fact, because if you don’t add a code from these countries, it won’t allow you to register the virtual number. For example, the one in Canada is 539.

How to get WhatsApp numbers to chat? 3

After entering the virtual number, you will automatically have access to a phone number that the same system will provide you with. You just have to copy the phone number that was shown to you on the page, then open WhatsApp and begin the installation process, which only takes a few seconds. You will see that within the installation process, as part of it, you will be asked to enter a phone number so that the WhatsApp verification code arrives and you have to paste the one provided by the system. To get it, you need to select the option indicating that you want to receive the verification code via SMS, discarding the others .

Once all the above steps are completed, you just have to wait a couple of minutes, you will receive the SMS in the message bar of the page, not on your mobile device. Likewise, if you choose the option to call, you will likely receive an audio message with the verification code. In both cases, the important thing is that you will have the possibility to get the virtual numbers for WhatsApp 2017 for free that you were looking for and, therefore, start using your account in the messenger.

Free virtual number for WhatsApp, is it possible?

Well, the first thing you need to do about it is to find the free virtual number by taking advantage of this virtual SIM application which you can download absolutely without any problem through this completely safe link that we provide you from the Google Play Store . The truth is that it is one of the best applications you can find in this segment, although likewise you will see that there are others that you can also consider. This is already at your discretion.

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Starting to talk about this application, we must highlight that it has a really interesting score of 3.7 points out of 5, within the Google Play Store. Basically it is an application that has been specially developed to allow you to use a free virtual number with WhatsApp , one of the most interesting messengers on the whole planet. In addition to the above, you should know that you can enjoy this application on any Android mobile device.

Many will want to know more details about this application, and in the same way we mentioned the previous elements, we must point out later that thanks to it, you have the possibility to access a number of the United States, for free, for 5 days to use WhatsApp . In fact, it is about the possibility to take advantage of a free virtual number 5 days, although after those days of testing you must be aware that you should start paying, so keep that in mind.

In particular, if you intend to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp 2017, we are in the presence of one of the best applications we can find today, really successful , which will allow you to make the most of your device. As we always say, if you have any questions about it, we recommend that you leave us a series of comments in this article so that we can give you a hand on the virtual SIM or any other app in the segment.

Creating a WhatsApp account with a virtual number

With all the previous steps completed, we are much closer to being able to use a WhatsApp account with a virtual number, although we need to enter some complementary contact information, as you can see. We fill them all except the agent ID, while in the state we will select New York with the zip code 10203 , giving With the check, accepting and finally Continue.

At the moment we will be able to enter our account, after the message that will ask us if we are new to the site, and we will not only have to tell you to ignore it, but also skip the procedure. On the next page we can find the Receive calls option , which we will select and, upon entering, we will see that there is the alternative “Free phone number” , with all the numbers we can take advantage of.

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