GTA 6 Pre-Order and Pricing Details: What to Expect


The wait for GTA 6 has been long, but gamers are eager to know more about pre-orders and pricing. While Rockstar hasn’t shared much, we can make some educated guesses based on past patterns.

GTA 6 Pre Order and Pricing Details What to Expect

Expected Pre-Order Details

GTA 6 pre-orders might follow a similar structure to previous games, with Standard, Special, and Collector’s Editions. The Special Edition might include in-game digital items and a steel book, while the Collector’s Edition could add more digital items, a security bag, and a Los Santos cap.


Expected Pre-Order Release Date

Pre-orders might start in late 2024, giving gamers enough time to prepare for the game’s launch.

Expected Pricing

GTA 6 pricing could start at $69.99, with special editions marked up by $10. The Collector’s Edition might launch around $250.


  • Can I pre-order GTA 6 now?: Not yet, but expected to start in late 2024.
  • Will GTA 6 be cross-platform?: Unconfirmed, but likely given Rockstar’s previous games.