HyperOS: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Xiaomi Smartphone


Xiaomi continues to roll out its HyperOS update to more devices, and the 2020 flagship series is the latest to receive it. If you own a Mi10, Mi10 Pro, or Mi10 Ultra, you can now experience the new features and improvements that HyperOS has to offer.

Xiaomi's HyperOS

Outline :
Xiaomi rolls out HyperOS update for 2020 flagship series (Mi10, Mi10 Pro, Mi10 Ultra). The 4GB update brings an enhanced lock screen, a customizable control panel, and improved device interoperability. Available on Android 13, users can check for updates in settings.

Key Points
Xiaomi’s HyperOS update is now available for 2020 flagship devices, offering an updated lock screen with customization options and a control panel that can be personalized. The update also enhances device interoperability within the Xiaomi ecosystem. Although it’s based on Android 13, users can still enjoy a range of new features. To check for updates, go to Settings > About phone > Firmware version > Check for updates.

Xiaomi’s HyperOS Update: What You Need to Know

Xiaomi’s HyperOS is revolutionizing the way you interact with your devices. This cutting-edge operating system is designed to connect your Xiaomi devices, cars, and smart home devices, creating a seamless ecosystem experience.


What is Xiaomi’s HyperOS?

Xiaomi’s HyperOS is an innovative firmware that replaces MIUI, offering an enhanced user experience. With HyperOS, you can enjoy a streamlined interface, improved performance, and advanced features that make your devices work together in harmony.

Key Features of Xiaomi’s HyperOS

  • Customizable Lock Screen: Personalize your lock screen with enhanced customization options
  • Control Panel: Tailor your control panel to suit your needs
  • Interoperability: Enjoy seamless connectivity between devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem

7 Cool HyperOS Features

  • Lock screen customization: HyperOS allows users to customize their lock screens with personal photos, different styles and font changes.
  • Control Center: HyperOS has a cleaner Control Center with a simplified design, removing icon names and consolidating quick settings.
  • Gallery App: HyperOS features an enhanced Gallery app with new features like Recommendations and an ID photo cutout feature for easier image management.
  • Privacy & Security: HyperOS includes a detailed Privacy & Security section in settings, with app permissions and a Shutdown Confirmation feature for added security.
  • HyperOS Weather: HyperOS features a new weather app with a sleek design for easy access to weather forecasts.
  • AI Photo Edit: HyperOS has a new AI photo editing feature that allows users to edit their photos.
  • Storage Expansion: HyperOS Storage Expansion, also known as UltraSpace storage expansion, is a new feature introduced with Xiaomi phones running HyperOS.

Upgrade to Xiaomi’s HyperOS Today!

Experience the future of device connectivity with Xiaomi’s HyperOS. Check for updates now and discover a whole new level of ecosystem integration!

What’s in the Update?

The HyperOS update is around 4GB in size and brings several exciting changes. You’ll get an updated lock screen with more customization options, a control panel that you can personalize, and improved interoperability between devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem.

How to Get the Update?

To check if the update is available for your device, go to Settings > About phone > Firmware version > Check for updates. Keep in mind that the update is based on Android 13, but you’ll still get to enjoy a range of new features and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will HyperOS update delete my data?
    No, the HyperOS update will not delete your data. However, it’s always a good idea to back up your important files and data before updating your device.
  • Can I downgrade from HyperOS to MIUI?
    Xiaomi does not recommend downgrading from HyperOS to MIUI, as it may cause compatibility issues and affect device performance.