Is it possible to call via WhatsApp in the browser

More than a billion people use WhatsApp in the world, and at least most of them constantly criticize it for one reason or another. This can be easily explained by the fact that the developers of the service are in no hurry to improve it. The constant problem is that because of this it is difficult to use it and I really want to switch to other messengers, like Telegram. But sometimes long-awaited updates still slip through and users get what they deserve for a long time.

So it happened this time too, we are waiting for a couple of new functions for the most popular messenger in the world. When will users receive them and how will they benefit us?


WhatsApp is going to get much better soon

WhatsApp for PC will get better

The world’s most popular messenger, WhatsApp, is gearing up to add support for video and voice calls to its web version soon. These relatively new features were added to smartphones a few years ago, but never made it to desktops. It’s time to change something.

According to a report from the specialized site WABetaInfo, new features were found in the code of the last update of the web version and the desktop client of the messenger. The specialists were even able to activate these features, which are still in development.

Calls will appear on WhatsApp Web

WaBetaInfo confirms that the voice and video calling feature for WhatsApp Web is currently in beta testing. The publication also shared several screenshots of the highly anticipated features.


… and this is how call windows look like.

When receiving a voice call, users will notice a pop-up window that will allow them to accept or reject the call. When you make a call, another window appears with general controls such as mute and end the call. In addition, the report says that WhatsApp is preparing to test the group voice and video functionality.

Considering that now the coronavirus is again actively beginning to march across the planet, such an innovation can be very useful for many users, and therefore pleasant for the service itself, which will increase its audience. Although, the default messenger is a loss-making history if it does not deal with electronic payments, as WhatsApp has been doing for a couple of years. Well, he tries to do it.

Obviously, this update has not yet been officially announced by the company. So it is not known exactly when it will be released. But WABetaInfo believes that the function is already working fairly stable . This information is already enough to understand that you will not have to wait very long, because there is no point in delay for developers either, and they are most interested in providing users with a new interface faster than anyone else.

Can I install WhatsApp on two devices

Another pleasant and highly anticipated novelty is the ability to use the messenger on several devices at the same time. Other products have shown that this is possible several years ago, but WhatsApp was in no hurry to give its users such opportunities.
Now it has gotten even closer and according to WABetaInfo, the function is already in its final stages of development. The next step will be the launch of open beta testing by the WhatsApp team. The source recommends that anyone looking to try out these features make sure they are using the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp will soon be available on two devices.

What we know about this feature at the moment is that one WhatsApp account will be able to work across four devices at the same time. This is not such a large number and the same Telegram allows much more, but it is still more than it is now. It will be possible to connect a desktop computer, tablet, laptop and smartphone. I would not mind this opportunity. After all, now I really miss her.

Two WhatsApp

WhatsApp users have dreamed of real multi-device support since the launch of the messenger in 2009. Synchronization between devices while working with WhatsApp is simply not provided. WhatsApp currently only allows one device to be connected to an account . Even the desktop version of WhatsApp can only work together with a running application on a smartphone, “mirroring” it.

If you need to log in on another device, you can reconnect using the code from SMS and use. 10 years ago it was cool, but now the time has passed and any self-respecting messenger should work so that you can enter it from any device. Eventually, instant messengers have become much more than they used to be. Soon they will all be like WeChat , which replaced everything and everyone for the Chinese. Becoming the most important companion in their life.