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WhatsApp: you can now spy on your partner secretly and for free

For several years, users have been wondering what happened to spying , a practice that in the past managed to scare even the most experienced people. In fact, WhatsApp was a platform often at the mercy of such practices, which in the near future would then prove to be null and void. To date, none of the paid applications that previously allowed users to spy on users work, especially thanks to the company’s activity.

In fact, WhatsApp has done everything to eradicate this phenomenon that today is no longer scary. Despite all this, there are still users who would constantly search for a way to spy on their partner or maybe someone whose movements they want to know, for example. According to reports, there would be a new application able to do just that, all for free and also legally.

WhatsApp: you can now spy on your partner secretly and for free

WhatsApp: with the new application it is possible to spy on people’s movements for free

The application that users have been waiting for for some time and that was complementary to WhatsApp has finally arrived. We are talking about Whats Tracker, a more unique than rare opportunity that offers the possibility of knowing the movements of people.

It is therefore not a real spy application , but a simple tracking app that will be able to know the entry and exit times . Thanks to this solution you will then be able to know when the people you choose to monitor enter or leave WhatsApp. At the end of the day you can also have a complete report with all the times, with the application that is 100% free.