Google Translate will now work with any text on your Android phone

Google Translate

Imagine being able to translate entire web pages with just a button press – it’s a remarkable feat! But what’s even more impressive is the ability to do so on your watch or through photography, making language translation more accessible than ever.

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While desktop computing and speech translation are convenient, cell phone screens can be trickier, especially when you’re in an app. You could copy text, open a web browser, and search for a translation, but let’s be honest, it’s easier to ignore the language barrier. Google Translate’s new “Tap to Translate” feature changes that.

How “Tap to Translate” Works

When you highlight text in a foreign language, a translation bubble will appear, similar to Facebook Messenger headers. Tap it, and Google Translate will provide its best estimate of the text in your native language. This feature works in 103 languages on any phone with Jellybean or later and is compatible with most apps that allow text highlighting, as demonstrated in WhatsApp.

Latest Update: Offline Mode and Photo Recognition

The latest update brings offline mode to iOS and introduces photo recognition for Simplified and Traditional Chinese. This means you can now translate text and photos even without an internet connection, making it easier to navigate foreign languages.

With Google Translate’s “Tap to Translate” feature, you’ll never be lost in translation again. Whether you’re communicating with friends, navigating foreign websites, or deciphering signs, this powerful tool has got you covered.


Google says these updates will be rolling out over the next few days.