How to recover deleted photos from smartphones

If you have ended up reading this article it is because most likely you have mistakenly deleted the photos you had taken and stored on your Android smartphone. Fortunately there are some methods to recover deleted photos, let’s see how.

Deleting a photo from the phone gallery app does not delete it from the cloud backup service. Most cloud and photo apps (excluding Instagram) offer background photo backup. If you have this option activated, it is likely that your photo is not really deleted.

To retrieve it, log into your cloud app and download it one more time. In Google Photos, open the image and select Save to Device from the menu. Instead on Dropbox it’s Export> Save to device.

If you have deleted the image from your cloud backup, you can recover it from there too. Most cloud services use a recycle bin that allows you to restore any deleted files within a certain period of time.

On Google Photos, open the app and select Trash or Bin from the sidebar. Long press on each image you want to recover, then press Restore. Deleted files remain available for 60 days.

In Dropbox, you need to log into the desktop to recover deleted images. You can’t do this in the app. Go to File> Deleted Files, then select the ones you want to restore. They are available for 30 days after cancellation.

It must also be said that most photo recovery programs are paid, but if you want to know which program allows you to recover your photos completely for free, try EaseUS MobiSaver .

How to recover deleted photos from smartphones

What happens if you don’t back up your photos to the cloud? Your next best hope is that you have saved your photos on your phone’s SD card. You can connect the card to a desktop computer and use special recovery software to attempt to recover lost images. But there are no guarantees.

Deleted files remain on a memory card only until overwritten by new data. Therefore, as soon as you realize that you have deleted the photos by mistake, you have to remove the card from your phone to reduce the risk of them being overwritten.

In case you were wondering, if your phone doesn’t have a microSD card, this sadly won’t work. You can’t use
desktop software to scan your phone for deleted files, as Android no longer uses the old USB mass storage protocol. It is the same reason that recovering text messages is difficult.

If you don’t use a cloud backup service or memory card, it becomes much more difficult to recover deleted photos from your Android phone. Despite the claims of some online apps,
there is no way to scan the phone’s internal storage to recover lost files unless the phone is rooted.