Daylight Tablet introduced – the first tablet with a screen made of “living paper”

The American company Daylight Computer Company released a tablet called Daylight Tablet. The key feature of the device is the LivePaper display, which is positioned as a more advanced alternative to E-Ink with a high refresh rate.

The new type of screen is a combination of LCD panel and electronic ink. It reflects light rather than emitting it, so it needs external lighting to work. At the same time, the design of the tablet provides front lighting with adjustable color temperature.

Unlike E-Ink, the LivePaper display supports a 60Hz refresh rate and can display videos correctly. According to the manufacturer, changing page content when reading text also occurs almost as quickly as when using a regular LCD screen.

The tablet has 8 GB of RAM, runs Android 13 and supports a stylus. The start of Daylight Tablet sales is scheduled for May 2024, the price of the new product in the United States will be $799.