Watch your smartphone - these charging errors can cost you your phone

Watch your smartphone – these charging errors can cost you your phone

We have undoubtedly contracted many bad habits in using our smartphone . We are not talking about the reckless use of social media and other applications but rather about common habits that are difficult to eradicate.

After our special on batteries, let’s go into this new technological adventure in the name of bypassing the errors that all of us are making towards the telephone. The charge is a process with its own rules to be observed by following the advice of the best experts. Here’s what they are.

Watch your smartphone - these charging errors can cost you your phone

Rest assured: if you recharge your smartphone so you will be playing it in no time

Playing a smartphone may not mean much for those who are oriented towards economic models. But such a situation can become a real thorn in the side for those who have opted for hi-end solutions of a certain thickness. Thinking of saying goodbye to an expensive device with just a few months behind it is outrageous.

The fault lies not with the manufacturers but with some unhealthy user habits, first of all the low propensity to comply with some mandatory rules to be implemented for recharging the battery.

First of all, we discuss the problems created by the use of compatible chargers . We are talking about power supplies specially designed by manufacturers to comply with the charging processes in the best way, be it fast or standard. Connecting the smartphone to the first charger in the house is not a good thing. Always use original components .

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Another dilemma arises when one considers not to use the smartphone for a long time. In this circumstance the battery breaks . Not much for old models with removable battery but huge problem for those who, like most of us, have adopted a modern telephone with integrated component. The result is technical assistance with due repair costs.

Finally, let’s talk about the charge levels that are valid both with the phone in use and for prolonged inactivity. These conditions provide a suggestion from the experts, that is to leave the charge in a percentage state of around 50% with recharges having a frequency of 3 or 4 months depending on the age of the device itself.