This Google Chrome “flag” saves bandwidth by watching a video

The Lite Mode  of Google Chrome was developed to improve the experience of using the Google browser on Android smartphones with poor hardware, as well as to reduce the size of the web pages in order to be loaded faster even if slow networks .

This Google Chrome "flag" saves bandwidth by watching a video

Low resolution video with a few taps

In these hours, Thedowns colleagues  have discovered a new feature currently on the Google Chrome Canary channel . It, labeled as LiteVideos , should allow users to  save bandwidth by forcing the viewing of  video content at the lowest possible resolution . To do this, the feature mimics conditions of low bandwidth allowing the MSE player to transmit low resolution videos. The functionality will not be exclusive to Android smartphones, but should also find a place on Google Chrome for Windows, macOS , Linux and of course on Chrome OS .

google chrome canary litevideos development

To activate LiveVideos mode, you need to download the latest build of Google Chrome Canary from the Play Store and enter the code chrome: // flags  in the address bar; at this point you need to set “Enable” to ” Enable LiteVideos ” and also to ” Force LiteVideos decision “.

If you are curious to try the functionality you can do it by downloading the latest version of Google Chrome Canary by tapping the badge of the Play Store below. We remind you that this version of Google Chrome is unstable and it may not be wise to use it every day. LiteVideos mode will be permanently integrated into Google Chrome 86 coming this October.

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