Download Meteos MTK6589 ROM EDIT APK


Meteos APK will help you to partition your phone’s internal storage, if your phone has much internal storage and you want to partition it Meteos APK is for you. So this app is for only MediaTek Phones that come with MT6589 CPU.

Here’s a concise summary:

Meteos APK:

  • Helps partition internal storage on Mediatek phones with MT6589 CPU
  • Ideal for phones with ample internal storage, allowing you to create separate partitions
  • Only compatible with Mediatek phones running on MT6589 processor

Note: This app is specifically designed for Mediatek phones with MT6589 CPU, so make sure your phone meets this requirement before using the app.

Download Meteos MTK6589 ROM EDIT APK

Download Meteos MTK6589 ROM EDIT APK

Here are the notes about compatibility with different phones and the instructions for using the MTK6589 Partition Resizer app in a concise format:


  • MTK6589 phones:
    • Zopo (ZP910, ZP810, ZP950, ZP980)
    • Hero (H9500, H7500, H9610)
    • Caesar (A9600, A9800)
  • Other manufacturers:
    • iNew (i2000)
    • THL (W8 with 8GB ROM)


  • MT6589 device
  • Root access
  • Custom recovery


  1. Backup: Make a backup of your files in recovery and store them on the external SD card.
  2. Download and Install: Download and install the Meteos app for your specific ROM size.
  3. Choose Data Partition Size: Choose your desired Data partition size.
  4. Reboot into Recovery: Press “Reboot into Recovery” and choose:
    • “Wipe data/Factory Reset” on CWM
    • “Wipe internal storage” on TWRP
  5. Restore Backup: Restore your backup.

Note: The program requires root user rights to function.

Short description:
Remapping memory before flashing

A very small program that allows you to change the size of the user partition (DATA) and the internal memory card (SDCARD), thereby expanding the space for installing user programs. The program makes the same changes as the patch for repartitioning the data and sdcard2 partitions, but the user is given a choice of data partition sizes (from 500 MB to 3 GB), all the remaining space will go to the internal memory card (when choosing a data partition size of 3 GB, the internal card will be about 60 MB in size).


>. The program can break the phone (if you really try)!
1. We make a full backup from the recovery of the current firmware
2. Install the application, run it (we answer the request for root rights – YES\grant)
3. Select the size of the data partition
4. In the program, select reboot into recovery
5. Make wipe data
6. Restore the firmware backup
7. Boot into the system

Requires Android: 2.3 .x and above
Developer: by Meteos

Google Play: no

NOTE: You will need to restore your backup once you install & edit your memory.
Make a backup of your ROM FIRST! We suggest using Mtk Droid tools

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