Recordable Free 3.9.0 APK for Android

Recordable Free 3.9.0 APK for Android

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Recordable is the easy way to create high quality screen recordings on Android. This FREE version displays a logo during recordings and limits frame rate to 8fps, but is otherwise fully functional. If you don't have root on your phone then a Windows, Mac or Linux computer required to complete the installation, but after this it's not needed to make screen recordings. If you have root this isn't required - you can start straight away.

Capture videos of your Minecraft worlds, create promotional videos, tutorials, screencasts or simply share your finest moments!

Recordable is the screen recorder which:

* Is simple to install and easy to use * Records your audio and gestures * Supports almost all tablets and phones * Easily shares videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. * Does not require root (this is a non-root application, but if you have root you don't need a computer to install!)


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