iOS 16.0.3 is coming: Apple fixes iPhone 14 bugs

Apple has recently released the iOS 16.0.2 update containing several bug fixes for the various problems that have arisen on the iPhone 14, including too many requests for copy and paste authorization and also other critical issues that had bothered users a lot. . As also reported by MacRumors, it seems that Apple is planning the release of iOS 16.0.3 with further bug fixes.

iOS 16.0.3

Evidence of an upcoming iOS 16.0.3 software update was shown in the famous site’s analytics logs, which have proven to be a particularly reliable indicator in the past.

On the other hand, Apple fans are well aware that some bugs are still present within iOS 16 : the goal of the Cupertino giant is to fix them permanently with the iOS 16.0.3 update. Among these, it is mentioned above all an issue with low volume during CarPlay phone calls made with an iPhone 14 Pro, the display flickering on some iPhone models when the brightness is low and a string of text that can crash the Mail app.

It is not clear when Apple plans to release iOS 16.0.3, but again according to what reported by MacRumors, everything should happen within this week or at the latest by the next, given that iOS 16.1 should be released by the end of the month.

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iOS 16.1 includes support for live activities in third-party apps, but also support for Matter accessories in the Home app, Apple Fitness + without Apple Watch, a battery percentage icon for more iPhone models, and more . iOS 15.0.1 and iOS 15.0.2 were released 10 days apart last year, while in 2017 the two updates iOS 11.0.2 and iOS 11.0.3 were released eight days after the launch of the iPhone 8. 


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