HUAWEI: Moving from Android to HarmonyOS Will Do More Good Than Harm

During the HUAWEI Developer Conference for developers, where a new version of the proprietary EMUI shell was presented, the company also announced the second revision of its own HarmonyOS firmware. At the end of the event, Wang Chenglu, Head of Consumer Software at Huawei, spoke to reporters about the benefits of switching to an alternative operating system.


According to the top manager, HarmonyOS, introduced in China as Hongmeng OS, has already been adapted to many devices to run full scenarios. Talking about the structure of the operating system, the company representative noted that it considers independent devices as modules that can be called at any time on demand, similar to printers in Windows.

The company is striving to become a new OS in charge of managing peripheral devices, each of which will perceive the other as pluggable peripherals: such a distributed system will increase the speed of gadgets, since it does not have to rely on the power of a single terminal. Wang Chenglu also said that disconnecting the company’s devices from Android will definitely do more good than harm, since the vendor can focus on developing its own software. The appearance of the first serial models of smartphones running the proprietary OS is expected next year.

“It’s only a matter of time before devices on EMUI 11 are fully updated to HarmonyOS 2.0. HUAWEI has already replaced almost everything inside Android – from the low level to the abstraction level, which Google did not even expect. I believe that HarmonyOS 2.0 will bring consumers a completely different experience, ”said the top manager.

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