How to properly cut the SIM card

If you have recently purchased a new smartphone or a new tablet, your old SIM card does  not work, since the new devices are able to support only and exclusively  Microsim  or nanosim , characterized by smaller dimensions than traditional cards. The same problem arises for tablets equipped with the 3G module. How can you solve this little problem? Simple, there are two solutions: the first is to buy a new SIM card suitable for your device, smartphone or tablet, or arm yourself with patience and precision to cut your old SIM card .

How to properly cut the SIM card


If you have opted for the second solution, in this guide we will explain how to cut your old SIM card , so that you can use it on your new smartphone or tablet.

How to properly cut the SIM card


  • Ruler;
  • scissors;
  • permanent marker.

Complete procedure:

  1. taking into account that the dimensions of the Microsim  or Nanosim , use the permanent marker and the ruler to draw the new perimeter on the SIM;
  2. Once this is done, start cutting the SIM card , paying close attention. Be careful not to damage the chip, otherwise your SIM is to be thrown away;
  3. File the edges of the SIM with the file. This way, you will have the new SIM ready to use on your device.
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We simplify the work:

If you don’t have some manual skills for this kind of operation, don’t worry. To make your work easier, I would like to point out the PDF Archive website . On this website you will find a pre-printed template as well as the complete procedure. Therefore, download it on your PC and print it on an A4 sheet , setting the zoom percentage to 100%, in order to avoid getting the measurements wrong.

At this point, take the printed screen, place your card inside the space you are interested in and make it coincide with the shape printed on the sheet. Carry out the same actions with the scissors, the ruler, the permanent marker and the file and you will have completed the adaptation of the SIM card to Microsim or Nanosim .


Once this is done, all you have to do is insert the new SIM card into your device and make sure it is recognized.

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