How to check if someone else is using your Facebook account

hacked Facebook account

Have you noticed any strange behavior in your Facebook account? Do you see posts, likes or updates that are not yours? It may be a sign that someone else is using your Facebook account and you may have been hacked.


  1. Common symptoms of a hacked Facebook account
  2. Check if someone is using your Facebook account
  3. How to protect your Facebook account
  4. Facebook Hacked FAQ

Common symptoms of a hacked Facebook account

Typical symptoms of hacked Facebook accounts include updates and posts that aren't yours, tracking or behavior that doesn't match yours, messages sent to people you didn't write, spoof profiles, and even the dreaded blocked Facebook email.

The email will read something like:

'You recently logged in to your Facebook account from a computer, mobile device, or other location that you've never used before. For your protection, we've temporarily locked your account until you can review this activity and make sure no one is using your account without your permission.

Did you log in to Facebook from a new device or from an unusual location?

There are many times when these emails are sent by mistake, so if you receive one, don't worry just yet. If you use a VPN, a mobile device, or travel a lot, you may see several of these emails. There are a couple of ways to check if someone is using your Facebook account. Let us begin!

hacked Facebook account

Check if someone is using your Facebook account

If you suspect that someone is using your Facebook account, you need to act quickly. Given how embedded the social network is in our lives, the faster you can stop any nefarious activity, the less damage is done.

Fortunately, Facebook is way ahead of us and has an easy way to find out who's logged into your account and when.

Identification of logins in your Facebook profile

  1. Login to Facebook as normal.
  2. Select the “small down arrow” in the top menu to access the settings.
    hacked Facebook account
  3. Click on “Settings and privacy”.
    hacked Facebook account
  4. Click "Settings."
    hacked Facebook account
  5. On the left side, select “Security and login”.
  6. hacked Facebook account
  7. Scroll down the page to the “Where are you logged in” section and click the “See more” text link
    hacked Facebook account

When you click the “See More” option, you will see a list of all the devices and locations where your Facebook account has been accessed. Please note that the location is not perfect, so you can include the city closest to you instead of your hometown. Also, a VPN may report a different location, so keep track while logging into Facebook. That way you can check the locations and determine if those logins came from you.

If you see devices with locations you don't recognize, you can easily disconnect them, but first, at least change your password.

How to protect your Facebook account

If you identify that someone is using your Facebook account, it is essential that you cut them off and make it difficult to access it. This is what you should do.

How to change your Facebook password

If you don't change your password before doing anything else, the potential hacker can remain active on your Facebook account, if one exists.

  1. Click on the “down arrow” in the upper right section of your profile page, or your news page.
  2. Navigate to “Settings and privacy -> Settings -> Security and login”.
  3. Scroll down the page to the "Sign In" section, then click "Change Password."
  4. Enter your current password in the "Current" box, then type a new one in the boxes labeled "New" and "Type a new one." Click the "Save Changes" button when you're done.

Sometimes changing the password will trigger a request to end all sessions, but this seems a bit hit and miss. While there are a few extra steps here, it works every time.

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to Your Facebook Account

Changing your password is essential, but they are still hackable. To improve the security of your account, it is better to enable two-factor authentication. That way, no one can sign in without having the other device you use for the two-factor process, like an authenticator app, your email, or your mobile device. Here's how to do it.

  1. Navigate to “Settings and privacy -> Settings -> Security and login”. or go back to the corresponding section depending on where you are in the “Settings and privacy” menu.
  2. On the "Security and Login" page, scroll down to the "Two-Factor Authentication" section, then click "Use Two-Factor Authentication."
  3. On the “Two-Factor Authentication” screen, you can choose “Authenticator App,” “Text Message (SMS),” or “Security Key.”
  4. If you click “Use text message (SMS),” you cannot use the same phone number if you forgot your password . Facebook will send a 6-digit code to your phone via SMS. Enter it in the boxes, then click “Continue.”
  5. If you click on “Use Authenticator App” you can use your phone number if you forgot your password . Facebook will ask you to set up an authenticator app through the QR code you create.
  6. If you click on "Use security key" Facebook will ask you to insert the key to register it.

Regardless of the two-factor authentication method you choose, a hacker will need the required device to log into your Facebook account. Of course, you'll also be prompted to use that option when you sign in. The best option is perhaps the authenticator app because it still allows you to use your phone number if you forgot your password.

Now, the would-be hacker can't log into your Facebook account, but this is only valid if you log out of all devices, or at least unknown ones. After all, the hacker is still online.

How to log out devices on Facebook

If a hacker has access to your account, it is urgent that you log out of all devices or specific ones if they are unknown. By now, you should have changed your password and enabled two-factor authentication. Now is the time to disconnect the intruder. Here's how to do it.

  1. Go back to “Settings and privacy -> Settings -> Security and login” Followed by the “See more” link, then click on the “vertical ellipses” (three vertical dots) to the right of each desired device and select "Sign off."
    hacked Facebook account
  2. To log out of all devices at once scroll down on this same page and select “Log out of all sessions”.
  3. hacked Facebook account

Note: It is better to change your password and enable two-factor authentication before logging out because the intruder can simply log back in as mentioned above.

In closing, Facebook security should never be taken lightly, especially since it's such a hot topic. Still, if a hacker is present, he must act fast. Essentially, it opens a copy of the security and login page in two browser windows. One is used to end sessions and the other is used to change the password. He has to do this quickly since he doesn't know if it's a bot or a person using the account. By force logging out, you kick out whoever is using your account. Immediately pressing Save Changes updates your password. Next, add two-factor authentication. Hopefully, the process completes quickly enough to prevent the hacker from logging in again.

No one likes the idea of ​​being hacked, but it's pretty easy to check if someone else is using your Facebook account. Now you know how to look for intruders and what to do about them if you've been hacked. Good luck!

Facebook Hacked FAQ

Is there a way to know who is accessing my account?

Unfortunately not. Unless you know the device or the location, there is no way to know who is accessing your account. Also, you won't know if the intruder is a bot or someone else.

Does Facebook offer two-factor authentication?

Yes! Two-factor authentication was developed to send a code to another device, phone number, or email address that must be verified to gain access to an account. It also offers the use of a USB security key or an authenticator app.

To enable this feature on Facebook, follow the steps above to change your password. Just below the password option, you will see the two-factor authentication section. Turn on the switch and the feature is enabled.

If someone tries to access your account, you'll get a notification on another device.

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