3 mistakes that endanger your social network accounts

Nowadays, practically everyone has at least one account on a social network .

There are those who remain anchored to Facebook , those who love to publish photos and stories on Instagram , those who are discovering TikTok instead . Despite their widespread use, however, it should be remembered that these platforms are also a risk to our digital security and privacy .


If the right protection tools are not used and some preventive attitudes are not maintained, social networks can become a real trap . But what are the mistakes that put our accounts most at risk?

The most common mistake is the one related to passwords . In fact, out of laziness, too many people still choose trivial passwords and, even worse, shared across multiple platforms.

To be considered strong , a password must be quite long (at least ten characters) and contain lowercase , uppercase , numbers and special characters , such as punctuation.

Social network accounts at risk? Here’s what you need to avoid at all costs

The second most common error involves not using two-factor authentication (2FA).

This, now available on almost any platform in the context of social networks, allows you to add a level of security to the classic password.

The third mistake concerns links . Avoiding strangers’ profiles, and especially links they may share, is a great way to maintain a high degree of security.

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In fact, these can push users towards malicious sites , it can put accounts at risk, leading to the potential theft of the same or other unpleasant consequences .

If prudence is now a must, it must also be said that strengthening one’s defensive strategy with a proven quality antivirus is certainly a plus that should not be underestimated.

A suite like McAfee Total Protection , active both on Windows PC and Mac as well as in the mobile environment ( Android and iOS ), allows you to start from a solid base to which you can then add a pinch of prudence to avoid any type of risk.

McAfee Total Protection goes beyond the classic concept of antivirus, offering solutions such as an integrated VPN and password manager . In fact, essential tools from a cybersecurity perspective.

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