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Google Calendar improves invitations and YouTube Music will receive a sleep timer

To help users keep their calendar spam-free, Google announced that it is adding the ability to view events only if they come from a known sender.

The Mountain View company is also working on a long-requested new feature for its YouTube Music streaming app.

Google Calendar fights unwanted invitations with a new option

Google is adding to the calendar the new option “Only if the sender is known”, that is the contacts in the list and those with whom the user has previously interacted, as well as people in his own company or domain.

As before, the user can also choose to view all invitations on his calendar, or only those he has accepted, plus administrators can set the default reply option for their users in the Google admin console and end users can indicate their preference in your Google Calendar settings .

The “Only if sender is known” option joins the “From everyone” and “When I reply to email invitation” options that already exist and are accessible in General Settings> Event Settings on the web version of the service.

This new Google Calendar option will be released in the next two weeks and will be available to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business users, and to users with personal Google Accounts.

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Google is working on a sleep timer for YouTube Music

The 9To5Google team looked at the code of the latest version of the YouTube Music app and found evidence that Google is developing a sleep timer to pause playback after a certain time chosen by the user.

The latest version of YouTube Music also adds support for Android 13 ‘s new media player, and the sleep timer option will likely be accessible somewhere on the bottom sheet of options.

Overall the functionality shouldn’t be too different from that added to Apple Music for Android earlier this year.

YouTube Music will show the time remaining on an active timer with the option to add more time or cancel it immediately.

On the other hand, a timer is particularly useful not only to prevent music from being played during sleep, but also to schedule breaks. It is currently unclear when this feature will be released for YouTube Music.