Folding smartphones will cost less by 2021, word of BOE

BOE Display Technology , a Chinese manufacturer of AMOLED screens with which the general public got to know last year as a supplier of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro panels, believes that folding smartphone prices will fall significantly by 2021 .

Folding smartphones will cost less by 2021, word of BOE

In recent times, folding smartphones have been one of the hottest and most intriguing themes in the mobile sector: several major manufacturers have ventured into the making of products of this type. Although most of the devices shown so far were still in the prototype stage, the two industry giants Samsung and Huawei have given immediate demonstrations of strength by officially presenting their Galaxy Fold and Mate X , which will shortly (from May the first and from June the second) can also be purchased.

Net of all the hardware and software differences between these two first foldable smartphones, a leitmotiv can be identified in the decidedly high list prices :  Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost in fact 1,980 dollars on the US market and about 2,000 euros on the European market, while Huawei Mate X it will cost 2,290 euros. As it was easy to understand, being the pioneers of this new category of devices, these will be exclusive products intended for a niche public.

However, the future may hold some interesting surprises: flexible screen manufacturers are fully aware of how high prices are destined to curb the spread of folding smartphones and are already working to find ways to lower display production costs. Specifically, BOE, which also produces Huawei Mate X displays, believes that the prices of these devices are destined to fall significantly in the coming years. Zhang Yu, vice president of BOE  Display Technology, said in a recent interview said that folding smartphones will cost around 10,000 yuan (about 1,322 euros) by 2021.Among other things, the same Zhang Yu has not denied the rumor that Huawei would have bought BOE panels (the 55-inch 4K one costs about $ 200) for its smart TVs, which could actually be large smart displays .

Source: Gizchina

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