Download iLA D1 Big eyes MT6737 Firmware & Flashing Guide


iLA D1 Big eyes is the cheapest android phone with mediatek mt6737 cpu in it. Here is the firmware of iLA D1 Big eyes which is very rare to find on internet, in case you need to flash your phone or got bricked due to some mistakes.

Just download firmware and follow given steps.

Download iLA D1 Big eyes MT6737 Firmware & Flashing Guide

iLA D1 Big eyes MT6737 Scatter Firmware

Firmware Download

MT6737 Scatter File (Download Link Below)


Flashing tools and requirements.

  1. iLA D1 Big eyes Phone
  2. Mtk6737 Preloader Driver (DOWNLOAD)
  3. Usb cable
  4. Windows PC

 iLA D1 Big eyes flashing steps

Unpack the archive into the C: \ drive (They say it is desirable that only Latin letters were 
allowed )

1. Install the driver from the folder “Driver_Auto_Installer_SP_Drivers_20160804
2. Run the program for the firmware “SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe” from the folder “Client_MDT_HCT_1716“. At start-up, it will give an error of the absence of “DA file” (the program saves the path on the last pc). For this we go to “File“, select “Open Download Agent File” and select the file “MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin” from the folder “Client_MDT_HCT_1716“. After the path should appear in the line “DA file name”.
3. Next, click the “Scatter file” button and select the file “MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt” from the folder “t693f-yx-bv203-63-hd-128g16g-bom3-n_iLA_D1_SW14_2017_10_23-sign_user
4. Click the “Scan” button. The manual says that after pressing the “Scan” button, you should connect the smartphone to the PC and press the volume up button, the “Start all” button should appear and light up. When you hold down the volume up button, we get into bootloader where you can choose one of three boot options.
5. After the pc has detected the smartphone, click “Start all”. Then everything got at me at 0% and nothing changed, then I again pressed the power button + volume up button and the firmware process started. After everything is finished, disconnect the smartphone from the PC and start it, it turns on for a long time (only for first power on).

As always this guide is tested and working but we take no responsibility do it at your own risk.