Do you want to create photos that move? Create movies with Loopsie

Surely on more than one occasion you have seen photographs in motion or that a specific area of ​​it moves, while the rest of the photo is kept static like any other common photo, which would be a cinegrapher.

Do you want to create photos that move? Create movies with Loopsie 1

Just today I want to tell you about a really amazing application with which you can get what I just mentioned before and the name of that app is Loopsie which is quite easy to use in every way.

Create photos that move

To download the application you will simply have to follow this link (Loopsie – 3D Photo Dazz Cam & Pixeloop) which takes you directly to the Play Store. The way to install is as always, click on download, wait for the download to be completed and installed automatically. Once installed you will be able to start using it to have moving photographs.

How to create photos that move

The first thing you need to do is record a video for a few seconds without moving the phone. After that, it will simply give you the option to paint over the areas you want to move, so the unpainted areas won’t move and remain static, while the painted ones will be animated.

This simple way is like creating moving photos , it’s not complicated at all and I can assure you that in seconds you will be able to create a large variety of moving photos that you can use wherever you want.

Do you want to create photos that move? Create movies with Loopsie 2

It is also possible to share your creations via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or send them via WhatsApp, since once saved as an animated gif it is possible to send them in this way through applications or social networks that allow the sending of this type of file, which they are the vast majority

Of course, depending on the scene and what you want to achieve, you will get and turn out better or worse, I think it’s about having enough imagination and trying out different environments, backgrounds and landscapes, maybe something you thought wouldn’t be right. animation ends up surprising you, everything is in it, imagination, try and try again, the possibilities are there and the simple but powerful and effective application as you will see is quite easy to download and install on any android device.

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