Atomic Heart has overtaken Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox. This is the biggest console launch of 2023


TrueAchievements has tracked Atomic Heart’s success on Xbox systems. It turned out that the action film had just been released and had already become the largest launch of 2023 on Microsoft’s system. According to the portal’s journalists, over 120 thousand players played the shooter on Xbox One and Xbox Series in the first week.

Atomic Heart

These stats eclipsed even those of Hogwarts Legacy, which collected around 100,000 even after three days of early access. GoldenEye 007 and Hi-Fi Rush, the other two new Xbox GamePass games, fared even worse, attracting roughly 70,000 users each. The Russian answer to BioShock came close to (but did not surpass) the High on Life indicators, which became the standard.


The most successful GamePass release from a third-party studio, with 160,000 gamers in attendance. Atomic Heart, on the other hand, outperformed the drama A Plague Tale: Requiem, the quirky action thriller Deathloop, and the animated adventure Tunic. Remember that the shooter performed well on Steam, with a peak of 38,469 players – and this is without taking into account Russia and the CIS nations, where the title is available on VK Play.

We may also draw inferences about the success of the debut in British retail, where the action was in eighth place in the weekly chart (Hogwarts Legacy, mentioned above, topped the list).


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