Games With Gold, October’s free Xbox games available now

From now on, the free games of Games With Gold for the month of October are officially available for free: even the second title of the line-up of the month is therefore downloadable at no additional cost.

free Xbox games

We remind you that the initiative is reserved exclusively for users registered with Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate and allows you to redeem new titles for free every month to add to your account on Microsoft home consoles.

Unfortunately, the month of September was the last that allowed access to a selection of games on Xbox 360:

the historic console was therefore officially abandoned , thus decreasing the free titles available every month.

As we had already anticipated previously , after Windbound now fans will be able to download the Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition at no additional cost , completing the line-up dedicated to October 2022.

If you have not already downloaded it, we remind you that Windbound is a survival in which you will explore the lands of an unknown island, navigate and create everything you need to survive and defend yourself from its dangers.

Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition is, on the other hand, a fun strategic bombing simulation set in the Second World War: in this flight simulation it will be important not only to be able to sail the skies and bomb enemies, but also to keep all our crew alive.

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Windbound will remain available for download until October 31st , while you will have time to download Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition until November 15th : after you have redeemed them, the free games of Games With Gold will remain yours forever, as long as you still have a active subscription.

free Xbox games

You can redeem and download the games directly from the appropriate page on the Xbox Store or, more conveniently, also from a browser by accessing the following links:

We currently don’t know what the next freebies will be for next month, but we will keep you updated as soon as an official update arrives.

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