Android 10

Android 10 is the most popular Android version

At the end of 2018, Google stopped reporting the adoption rate of the Android version every month. However, from the updated data provided in Android Studio , we can still see the latest stats. This data is used to determine the appropriate version of app development for programmers. Since Android 12 only launched a few weeks ago, there is no information about it.

Android 10Android 11 doesn’t keep up with Android 10

After the debut of version 11 (R) on September 8, 2020, its current share has risen to 24.2%, placing it in second place. This makes Android 10 (Q) of 2019 the most popular green robot system with a share of 26.5%.

  • 11 R represents 24.2%;
  • 10 Q represents 26.5%;
  • 9 Pie represents 18.2%;
  • 8 Oreo represents 13.7%;
  • 7 / 7.1 Nougat represents 6.3%;
  • 6 Marshmallow represents 5.1%;
  • 5 Lollipop accounts for 3.9%;
  • 4.4 KitKat represents 1.4%;
  • 4 Jelly Bean accounts for 0.6%.

Developers using Android Studio can view more detailed statistics and information while creating a new project.

In related news, it emerges that Zimperium , a mobile security company, recently discovered phishing software . This malware is currently mainly influential in South Korea. The name of this application is PhoneSpy . Thousands of Android users in South Korea are already victims of this scam; Furthermore, the criminals behind this app can freely access the data, call information and services on the victim’s cell phone.

Android 10According to Zimperium, PhoneSpy is difficult to track because it “hides in plain sight”. According to the company’s report, here’s what PhoneSpy can do in detail:

View the complete list of applications on the device;

  • Stealing personal passwords via phishing websites;
  • Stealing pictures;
  • Track your GPS location;
  • Steal text messages;
  • Stealing telephone contacts;
  • Use the front and rear cameras to record video in real time;
  • Steal call log and capture audio in real time;
  • Access the camera to take pictures using the front and rear cameras;
  • Use the phone number to send text messages;
  • Disclose device information (IMEI, brand, device name, Android version).

Be careful.

Source: Gizchina