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How to install the main feature of iPhone 14 Pro in Xiaomi

The greatness of Apple lies in one single detail that is more important than any gadgets, laptops and operating systems, I’m talking, of course, about the impact on the entire electronics market.

Competitors sneer at Apple’s new products, and then silently copy them as their own know-how, as it was with the packaging of smartphones, and the concept of laptops, and with straight edges of the case, and unexpectedly (no) with “Dynamic Island” – the main feature of the iPhone 14 Pro .

While Android makers worked to shrink the front-facing camera hole, as if embarrassed by it, Apple made a huge (by competitor standards) cutout that ended up being the main selling feature of the new iPhone.

The head of “Xiaomi Group China” and “Redmi” (Lu Weibing) in his personal blog asks a very specific question to smartphone users: “Do you need “Dynamic Island” in Redmi K60?”

The last time a figure of this magnitude was interested in anything from Xiaomi smartphone owners, the question was about adding 120W ultra-fast charging, the result is known (already 200W in development).

Therefore, I tested all the currently available MIUI themes, interface plugins and individual applications, found the best (in terms of animation) and want to talk about the setting so that everyone can install it on their smartphone and form their own opinion.

After installing the application (link below), you need to issue several permissions, for this, click on the application activation button.

A menu with two options will appear on the screen, select the right one, and then a section with various access settings items will become available (everything is safe, I checked).

Go to each of the sections and in turn allow the application access to:

Display on top of other applications so that the program can show notifications on the desktop and other applications.
Access to notifications so that the application can display the information you need.
Access to special features, which is necessary for all third-party applications related to changing the system interface.

After that, you need to go to the program settings and activate two items in order for dynamic notifications to work throughout the system.

And finally, you need to show the application where the front camera cutout on your smartphone is located, this is done using four switches. On my Redmi, the values ​​are as follows.

Right in the program interface, you can see which notifications are available, as well as see how the animation of connecting charging, headphones, turning on silent mode, and so on, just click on the notification option of interest.

After a day of testing, I can say that in my opinion, when dynamic notifications become part of MIUI and receive language support, they will certainly receive positive feedback from some users, but is such direct copying necessary?

Android (and MIUI in particular) have always been original and I never understood why turn Android into an iPhone, because when you buy Xiaomi you buy MIUI, not iOS, which is logical. Therefore, let “Dynamic Island” remain in the iPhone, and I recommend that Xiaomi developers focus on solving the existing problems of MIUI.

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