$35 Fake Apple Watch Ultra is indistinguishable from the original


Recently, the Apple Watch Ultra went on sale – the company’s most advanced and at the same time the most expensive smartwatch.

It took the enterprising Chinese a few days to release an exact copy, but only with more than 20 times lower price.

In the US, excluding taxes, the Apple Watch Ultra costs $799. In Spain, for example, the price for them starts from €999, in Turkey – $1522.

But in China, in one of the markets in the city of Shenzhen, you can already buy a very high-quality fake for only $35.

Judging by the video, the copy is made at a high level, and it is extremely difficult to visually distinguish a fake from the original.


The Chinese have managed to accurately reproduce the body of the new Apple Watch Ultra with a swivel Digital Crown and magnetic charging. Moreover, even the watchOS interface is copied to the smallest detail.

You can activate Siri, control your iPhone camera, determine geolocation, and even open smart locks using NFC. Branded dials are also present.

It can be assumed that the case of the fake Apple Watch Ultra is not made of titanium, the screen does not have a brightness of 2000 nits, there is no satellite connection, as well as car accident detection, and so on, but in general the gadget copes with the vast majority of everyday tasks.

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