How to easily change the boot animation on Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO

If you want to globally change the look of your smartphone’s firmware and get a completely new interface, then the easiest way is to install a ready-made theme.

boot animation

you can find hundreds of quality themes for every day. If you are satisfied with your current graphic design of the smartphone, but want to add new details, then you can use third-party widgets or fonts, icon sets. Another customization option is changing the loading screen. 

Although this animation is seen quite rarely, because we can not restart the smartphone for several days, but still the ability to customize “for yourself” is always a plus.

boot animation

How to customize and change the boot animation in MIUI? We need to use the MIUI Themes application.

Go to your profile, then look for the theme setting line, and then go to the “Initial (start) image”.

Now a window with all available loading animations will open in front of you.

If you haven’t found anything suitable here, you can download them from the proprietary application.

As a reminder, to install some of the design options, you will need to change the region in the advanced settings.

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