Google Wallet Just Got a Whole Lot Better: New Feature Alert!


Google Wallet is making it easier to organize your digital wallet with a new feature called “Automatically add related tickets”. This feature allows ticket providers to add related event or promotional passes to your existing passes. You can find this feature in the “Passes” section of Google Wallet settings on Android devices.

Google Wallet

What Does This Mean?

This feature lets external entities add offers to your Google Wallet, which you may or may not want to use. But don’t worry, you can easily disable it if you prefer. Google emphasizes that this feature is still in beta and might not be available to everyone.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Some documents, like credit/debit cards and health cards, can’t be linked due to sensitive data. If you have a lot of data saved on your smartphone, remember to turn on your phone’s location to keep it secure.


More Google Wallet Updates

The creators of Google Wallet are always working to improve the app. Recently, they introduced a feature that lets you quickly access your saved credit and debit cards from your phone’s home screen. This feature uses shortcuts that appear after long-pressing the app icon, making it easier to manage payment methods.

pass collection

Enhanced Security

Google Wallet now also offers increased payment security by allowing you to verify your identity with each transaction. You can choose to be verified each time you use your card through device lock methods like fingerprints or PINs. Additionally, payments for public transport have been simplified, with readers first looking for cards assigned to this type of transaction.

Source: 9to5google