Here’s Why Cats Love Laptops

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Cats are known for their quirky behavior, and one of the most puzzling is their love for laptops. You call their name, and they walk away; they curl up next to you, purring, then suddenly decide they’ve had enough and run off. We’re left wondering: why do cats knead, purr, loaf, and sleep so much? And, more pressing, why do they adore laptops? It’s a question many cat owners and remote workers are asking, especially with the rise of work-from-home jobs, telecommuting, and flexible work arrangements.

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The Rise of Cat Interference

With remote work on the rise, cat memes are flooding the internet, and our feline friends are taking center stage. But as we work from home, our cats are getting in the way – literally. They photobomb video calls and type gibberish on our keyboards, causing chaos and destruction. It’s cute, but frustrating. Why do cats love laptops so much? Is it because they’re drawn to the warmth and glow of the screen, or is it something more? Understanding cat behavior and psychology can help us address this issue and improve our productivity while working from home.

Expert Insights

Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behavior consultant, explains that cats sit on laptops because they crave attention and affection. They associate laptops with their favorite person – you! By petting and talking to them, we reinforce this behavior. Cats quickly learn that sitting on the keyboard gets them attention, making it a common cat behavior problem. Addressing this issue can help us improve our work-life balance and reduce stress.


Warmth and Scent

Some believe cats are drawn to laptops because they’re warm, much like a cozy cat bed. Cats prefer temperatures between 85 and 100 degrees, which is why they nap in sunbeams. However, it’s more likely that cats are attracted to the scent of our laptops, which can be a mix of plastic, metal, and human scent. They rub their faces on them to mark their territory, just like they do with us, making it a form of cat communication. Understanding cat behavior and body language can help us address this issue.

Claiming Ownership

By sitting on your laptop, your cat is essentially saying, “Mine!” They’re claiming ownership, just like they do with everything else in the house, from cat toys to cat trees. This behavior can be addressed with positive reinforcement training and desensitization techniques.

Solving the Problem

If your cat’s laptop love is becoming a problem, there are steps you can take. Provide a comfortable spot next to you, reward them with affection, and make the keyboard an uncomfortable place to sit. You can even buy a cat decoy laptop with a scratching pad to keep them occupied, or try some cat deterrents like citrus sprays or sticky tape. By understanding why cats love laptops, we can find ways to keep them happy and our work uninterrupted, improving our productivity and work-life balance.