Xiaomi smartphones have their own “island” in the spirit of Apple


One of Apple’s most talked about innovations has been the interactive Dynamic Island cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro display. The original idea has already been appreciated by representatives of the Android community. Enthusiasts created their own software version of the “apple” solution – and showed it in action on a Xiaomi smartphone.

iphone top bar

The theme developer Mu Ye has created a custom widget that works somewhat like Apple’s “smart notch” behavior. At the same time, its location (including on the lock screen) can be chosen independently – it does not depend on the “geography” of the front camera. It is reported about the possibility of displaying the time, date, remaining charge, as well as playback controls in the “island”.

A theme designer with the ID “Mu Ye” has developed a Xiaomi theme corresponding to Smart Island, and said that Xiaomi has been uploaded and is waiting for review.

Now a new theme called Xiaomi Dynamic Island exists only as a trial version, and is undergoing a verification stage. If it is approved by the vendor, it will soon be available for download in the company store. It is possible that in the near future enthusiasts will present many similar solutions for devices of various brands of Android smartphones.

iphone 15 pro top bar mod for xiaomi

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