Xiaomi patents a folding that comes off

According to what is learned, it seems that Xiaomi has just patented an innovative folding smartphone that comes off. Yes, you read that correctly. But how would this device work? Find out with us in the full article.


Xiaomi: the foldable that detaches could become reality

The Chinese OEM is famous for applying for a monstrous amount of patents and patents. Now, we discover that the company has applied for a new patent relating to a folding device with one of the panels that is able to detach at will. This device could arrive on the market if the company decides to pursue this goal.

We know that Xiaomi patents many devices in China and this seems to be very particular: we discover an innovative phone with a flexible display that detaches itself from the rest of the frame. Just to summarize, let’s see the body of the terminal which is well fixed and the folding panel that separates from the other. In addition, there is a flexible display that wraps around the entire product when it is well anchored to the main body.


Xiaomi patents a folding that comes off Xiaomi

We will try to be simple and quick: the screen tends to open completely when this is removed from the rest of the device. Furthermore, it is still usable via wireless data that communicates between the panel and the terminal. What does this mean? That each unit may have a separate battery capable of functioning even when it is opened, unplugged and so on.

To date we do not have many details about it, moreover this is only a patent so we invite you to take it with “a pinch of salt”. For the rest, we invite you to stay connected with us for further information.

Source: Gizmochina

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