Xiaomi 12T Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra clash in cameras [VIDEO]

The author of the TechTablets YouTube channel compared the Xiaomi 12T Pro 200-megapixel camera with solutions for the flagship iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra. As it turns out, the price difference didn’t stop the device from holding its own against much more expensive competitors in a variety of shooting scenarios.

The main sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 48MP, while the S22 Ultra boasts a 108MP sensor. First of all, the enthusiast compared the video recording quality of all three devices.


All smartphones showed almost identical quality. Images from the S22 Ultra and 12T Pro are particularly similar, and video captured on an iPhone can be distinguished by warmer tones. All smartphones coped well with backlight and glare, but when shooting at night, the 12T Pro showed more blowouts than competitors. According to the author, in general, in all scenarios, the best video quality was demonstrated by the Apple gadget.

Comparison of photos also did not show a striking difference in smartphone cameras. With portraits, according to the author of the video, Xiaomi 12T Pro did the best job: it optimally separated objects from the background. The best daytime shots were demonstrated by the iPhone (photos were more detailed, glare was practically absent) and the best night shots were taken by the S22 Ultra. The smartphone showed excellent detail and effectively suppressed light.

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According to the blogger, the 200-megapixel camera Xiaomi 12T Pro did not make a revolution, but it was a worthy competitor to the current flagships of Apple and Samsung – especially considering the difference in price of smartphones.

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