Xiaomi 11T Battery Life

Xiaomi 11T entered the top 15 of the DxOMark battery life rating

The flagship smartphone has passed battery testing in the DxOMark laboratory. The experts found out how good the gadget is in terms of autonomy and performance of the fast charging function using a proprietary 67W power supply.


Xiaomi 11T

The built-in battery of Xiaomi 11T is 5000 mAh. According to the report of experts, from 0% to 80% it “swings” from the complete charger in just 30 minutes, and to “hundreds” in 47 minutes. According to the results of practical tests, the Xiaomi 11T demonstrated good autonomy – up to 59 hours with moderate daily use. The gadget, according to experts, is balanced in terms of power consumption in almost all scenarios.

Xiaomi 11T

The disadvantages of the device in the laboratory were attributed to the excessive consumption of the battery when using GPS navigation. In addition, the smartphone did not quite correctly display the remaining battery capacity as a percentage: instead of 16.4%, the screen showed a value of 20%.

With 89 points in the overall standings, the smartphone took 15th place in the global rating of autonomy according to the laboratory.

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