Xbox and Bethesda 2022 conference: possible announcements from a leak

With the approach of the date of June 12, in which the expected Xbox and Bethesda Conference of 2022 will be held, which is located in the period of the absent E3 , various rumors about the announcements scheduled by Microsoft for PC begin to circulate on the net , Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

On the 4chan forum, therefore not a particularly reliable source but which we report for the record, the possible lineup with lots of release dates of the respective titles has been leaked. There are some games that can be expected, such as Starfield , Redfall and the new Forza Motorsport , but there are surprises: for example, an exclusive from Hideo Kojima to close the show.

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Xbox and Bethesda 2022 conference: announcements according to the rumor

Here is the list as it was published on 4Chan:

  • Goldeneye 007 HD Remastered – Launched immediately after the show on Xbox Game Pass, PC and Nintendo Switch
  • Avowed (gameplay) – March 2023
  • Forza Motorsport (gameplay) – September 2022
  • As Dusk Falls (gameplay) – August 2022
  • Somerville (gameplay) – 2023
  • Scorn (gameplay) – October 2022
  • Halo Infinite Battle Royale Mode – Late 2022
  • Gears Collection – October 2022
  • Starfield (gameplay) – spring 2023
  • Redfall (gameplay) – May 2023
  • Forza Horizon 5 (expansion) – 2022
  • Sea of ​​Thieves (expansion) – 2022
  • Fallout 3 Remastered – Summer 2023
  • Fallout New Vegas Remastered – Summer 2023
  • Compulsion’s new IP
  • New Obsidian IP
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake – June 2022 on Xbox and Steam
  • Persona 5 Royal – October 2022 on Xbox and PC
  • Soul Hackers 2 – Day One on Game Pass
  • Gotham Knights (gameplay) – October 2022
  • Xbox Game Pass Family Plan
  • Ubisoft + on Xbox Game Pass
  • New Kojima Game (Teaser Trailer) – Xbox and PC Exclusive

Of course, as mentioned, the source is not very reliable and anyone could write such a list. However, some things are very plausible: like the gameplay of Forza Motorsport , Starfield and Redfall , as well as the new game Obsidian, long rumored, the remastered of the two episodes of Fallout and the announcement of the awaited Xbox version of Final Fantasy VII Remake . .

Hideo Kojima Xbox

Finally, can fans of Microsoft consoles really hope for an exclusive from Hideo Kojima, father of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding ? In reality it is not that unlikely: such a possibility has been talked about for some time and also from usually very reliable sources. It should be a unique, highly innovative and cloud-based game.

All answers that we will have on Sunday 12 June, when the 90-minute Xbox and Bethesda show will start.


Source: 4chan