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Word Helper – Download Scrabble Cheat Android Apk

Word Helper – Download Scrabble Cheat Android Apk

The description of Word Helper – Scrabble Cheat App

Beat the competition with this amazing and easy to use word helper app. It will make sure that you never run out of words again so you can impress your friends with a fancy word or just make sure the word you put down actually exists or not in the dictionary.

This mobile app has everything you need to check, define, solve and find words playable on a Scrabble board and also works with other word games like Scrabulous, Lexulous, Text Twist, Word Whomp, Chicktionary, Literati and even crossword puzzles as well as a wide range of other printable word games and the best thing about this app, is it works completely offline except for definitions.

Features include:

– Works Offline
– Enter up to 15 rack letters including 2 blanks
Search for words starting with, containing or ending with particular letters on the board
– Select from SOWPODS, Enable1, CSW, TWL, Letterpress, and Word with Friends dictionaries
– Check a word exists in any of the dictionaries supported
– Find any word
– Define a Word
– Word Lists
– Crossword / Pattern Searching
– A to Z Dictionary
– Sort by Score, Word or Length

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Note: Word Helper – Scrabble Cheat is in no way affiliated with any of the apps or games mentioned here and is solely a tool that can be used to assist with finding words and definitions for the games mentioned.