WhatsApp: A much awaited update on vowels arrives

WhatsApp is constantly evolving. You go to bed in the evening and in the morning you find that the developers are hard at work implementing a new feature. Unfortunately, however, as is already known, the innovations arrive with a certain delay and the useful ones often remain incomplete. This is the case with audio messages . In fact, the vocal notes for several months can be heard by increasing their speed.

Unfortunately, however, we cannot do the same thing when we forward them or we send an audio to listen not recorded by us. For this you will be happy to know that the developers of the Facebook Group app are working to complete this functionality and thus make it possible to increase the speed.playback of any audio sent, forwarded or not. Let’s find out all the details of this incredible novelty together.


WhatsApp: soon we will also be able to increase the speed of forwarded audio

Recently WhatsApp introduced the function to pause the recording of voice messages . Great option that avoids having to delete an entire recorded audio. A sore point, however, was to discover that the new function to speed up the playback of audio messages is still available only for recorded and sent voice notes. On the other hand, a long and beautiful forwarded audio message must be heard at the standard speed, 1x. Now instead, WABetaInfo , the well-known leaker who finds the most hidden and absurd news of WhatsApp, he found that everyone is working to fill this gap. So what will happen when we can increase the playback speed of forwarded audio messages?

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To explain it to us are the friends of WABetaInfo who, in their article recently published online, have indicated how this novelty will be implemented on WhatsApp and why it will be really interesting and useful:

“ What is an audio message? It is simply a forwarded voice note . When you forward a voice note, you can not speed up the audio because the button of the speed of play is not available, but at a later time will come a new feature . ”


From the video shown above we can see that WhatsApp is right at work to introduce the useful button to speed up the playback of audio messages and forwarded voice notes. For now, this new feature is in testing and under development. It has currently been released in the latest beta version of WhatsApp iOS . However, we do not know when it will also be released in the next beta versions for Android.

Source: WABetaInfo