What will be the year 2022 for Samsung in the smartphone market

The company plans to ship more than 300 million mobile devices and every fifth will be a flagship

The current year is gradually coming to an end, and soon companies and analysts will begin to sum up the results of 2021. And then there will be a new season and new novelties. Naturally, manufacturers are already thinking about what products will be presented and planning the volume of products they are going to release.


Samsung is also making plans for the next year, which should end 2021 as the leader in the smartphone market. Naturally, she is not going to give this title and plans not only to keep it, but also to increase sales. Network sources report that the company plans to bring 334 million mobile devices to the market in 2022. Of these, 285 million will be produced in-house, and 49 million will be produced by third-party contractors under the outsourcing scheme.



What will be the year 2022 for Samsung in the smartphone market - photo 1


The bulk will fall on budget and mid-range smartphones. In 2022, the South Korean giant plans to supply 176 million public sector employees and 91 million mid-range models to the market.


The flagships of the Galaxy S series are planning to produce 54 million. Samsung expects that the most active purchase of the Galaxy S22, so they will be produced 14 million. Demand for the Galaxy S22 Ultra should be slightly worse and they will be produced in the amount of 11 million units. But the company does not really believe in the success of the Galaxy S22 +, so it plans to release 8 million units of this model.

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The share of foldable devices in the market will become more and more significant and in 2022 Samsung wants to produce 13 million Galaxy Z. The main sales engine will be the Galaxy Z Flip smartphones, of which 9 million units will be produced. Galaxy Z Fold plans to sell about 4 million units.