What does the emoji next to a name on Snapchat mean?


The emojis you see next to your friends’ usernames on Snapchat are symbols that indicate what kind of relationship you have with those users. Some emojis, like birthday cake, have a self-explanatory meaning. In other cases, you may have trouble deciphering these symbols. You can also how to put music on snapchat

Several Snapchat friend emojis are currently in use and are very popular in the Snapchat community. There are stipulations for receiving particular emojis, and most are related to snaps (multimedia messages like photos, videos, and animated GIFs). Let’s talk about what they all represent.

Snapchat friend emoji meanings

Snapchat Emoji

1. Golden Heart Emoji

gold heart emoji

The golden heart emoji is next to a friend you’ve sent the most snaps to. However, that friend also needs to send you the most multimedia messages to get a golden heart on your list. Either you both have this heart, or neither of you do.

Snapchat recognizes your golden best friend based on the frequency of your interactions. This stipulation means that you have to work hard to maintain your golden heart status, as the emoji will disappear if someone sends you more snaps than your golden friend. If you send the most multimedia messages to one user while another friend sends you the most snapshots, you won’t see a golden heart on either username.

2. Red Heart Emoji

read heart emoji

If you and a friend keep a streak of golden hearts for two weeks, the heart will turn red. This action means that you have exchanged the most snapshots with a person for two weeks in a row.

Now, you can keep the streak going and wait for the next emoji change.

3. Emoji of two pink hearts

Emoji of two pink hearts

The pink heart emoji is an indicator of a long-term friendship on Snapchat. When you exchange the most snaps with a user for two months in a row, both of you will receive this emoji. As long as you continue like this, the emoji will remain.

But there’s always the chance that someone else will send you more snaps. If you and your best friend care about the symbol, you should keep exchanging multimedia messages frequently.

4. Grimace Emoji

grimace emoticon

This emoji represents that you and a particular user interact with the same person frequently. In a way, a user with this emoji next to his name is your ‘rival’, as he can take the heart emoji from your best friend on Snapchat.

5. Sunglasses Emoji

emoji sunglasses

The sunglasses emoji means that you and a specific user share a “close friend,” but not a best friend. A close friend is someone who interacts with you a lot, but not enough to be your best friend.

6. Baby face emoji

baby face emoji

This cute emoji represents a new friend on your list. This scenario means that your Snapchat relationship is still in its baby phase. If you add a lot of new friends, you probably see this symbol a lot.


7. Smile emoji

Satisfied Smile Emoji

The smirk emoji represents a user you don’t interact with anymore, but he interacts with you more. In a way, you’re best friends with him, but they’re not yours. If you want this user to become your best friend, you need to “up” their game fast.

8. Smile Emoji

smile emoji

All your good friends on the platform will have a smile emoji next to their names. This emoji rests alongside those you interact with a lot. You send them snapshots frequently and they return many multimedia messages. Since only one friend is worthy of a heart emoji, everyone else will have to settle for a smile.

9. Shiny Emoji

shiny emoji

When you share a group conversation with a friend on the list, you see a glowing emoji next to their name.

10. Birthday Cake Emoji

emoji birthday cake

If you see a birthday cake next to a username, it means today is that person’s birthday. You cannot influence this emoji and it will be gone in a day. If it’s someone close to you, you should consider sending them a snapshot to celebrate the occasion.

11. Fire Emoji

fire emoji

The fire emoji indicates that you and a user are currently in a Snapstreak. This status means that you have exchanged snapshots for two or more consecutive days. A number will appear next to the fire emoji, showing the number of days the Snapstreak has been on.

If you don’t swap snaps within 24 hours, the emoji will disappear and start from scratch.

12. Hourglass Emoji

hourglass emoji

Seeing an hourglass emoji next to a username alerts you that your Snapstreak is about to end. To continue your streak, you need to trade snaps as soon as possible.

13. The 100 emojis

the 100 emoji

The 100 emoji means that you managed to keep a Snapstreak with a user for one hundred days. That’s a big day for your Snapchat relationship with that user. The next day, the emoji disappears and the regular Snapstreak countdown continues.

14. gold star

Snapchat Gold Star Emoji

The Gold Star emoji means that someone has played this user’s snaps in the last 24 hours.

How to customize friend emojis

Here’s how to customize friend emojis on iOS.

  1. Tap Settings the gear icon in My Profile .
  2. Scroll down to Additional Services and tap Manage .
  3. Tap on friend emojis and select the emoji you want.

Here’s how to customize friend emojis on Android.

  1. Tap Settings the gear icon in My Profile .
  2. Scroll down and tap on customize emojis .
  3. Customize the emojis as you see fit.

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