Rare iPhone set a new record at auction

Rare iPhone set a new record at auction

This month, a major event took place at the LCG auction - a record was broken for the sale price of an unopened rare iPhone from 2007.

Karen Green, the seller of the lot, was presented with the very first iPhone by friends.

But she could not use it due to the fact that the smartphone only worked on the AT&T network, and as a result, the gift remained in the box.

looking at the modern auction of rare Apple equipment, where people buy old "apple" products at fabulous prices, Karen decided to try her luck at LCG Auctions.

Bidding for the 2007 iPhone started at just $2,500, but after 17 days and 19 bids, the price rose to $60,000.

This is almost double the previous record of $39,000 for an iPhone that sold in October 2022.

By comparison, the most expensive iPhone you can buy directly from Apple right now is the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The 1TB model costs $1,599, which is 40 times cheaper than the old model sold at auction.