Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass Microsoft deal

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard King is moving closer to completion, raising hopes of seeing Call of Duty games on Xbox Game Pass.

A US Court has ruled in favor of Microsoft against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), allowing the acquisition to proceed.

The court decision states that the merger is unlikely to substantially reduce competition and may lead to greater consumer access to Call of Duty and other Activision content.

Microsoft has made commitments to keep Call of Duty available on PlayStation for ten years and to bring it to Nintendo Switch and cloud gaming services.

The specific details of these agreements are not yet known, but it suggests the possibility of seeing future Call of Duty titles on Xbox Game Pass.

PlayStation players can still expect to receive Call of Duty games with console parity for at least ten more years.

The popularity of Call of Duty on PlayStation has value, but Microsoft recognizes the potential value of having the series on Xbox Game Pass.

This development is a positive step for players who want to enjoy future Call of Duty titles without paying full retail prices.

Call of Duty games are considered among the best first-person shooters on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

While some may have concerns about Xbox Game Pass players accessing new releases for a monthly subscription, this deal offers more opportunities for fans to play the franchise.