One of my follower ordered iPhone 13 from Flipkart but he recieved iPhone 14 instead of 13

Flipkart Reportedly Delivers iPhone 14 to Customer Who Ordered iPhone 13 During Big Billion Days Sale

Source Ashwin Hegde Twitter

n cases like this, the great repercussion on social networks ends up turning into free advertising for the company. A similar episode happened in Brazil when a company doubled the value of some coupons during the night and it ended up honoring all the "bugs" .

Currently, the same device sells for 69,900 rupees  on Apple's official website.

Although Flipkart does not comment on the mistake, the iPhone 14 sells for 79,900 rupees and the price difference for the model on sale is quite large.

In any case, the customer is happy because he was able to achieve excellent value for money, something that is much celebrated in India. In addition, we can say that the store will hardly undo the exchange to deliver an iPhone 13 to the boy.

While the iPhone 14 doesn't have much of an aesthetic difference from the previous model , it does offer an improved GPU, larger camera sensor and even more RAM.