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Waterproof smartphone cases – the best to buy

Waterproof smartphone cases

Nowadays most smartphones, even the cheapest ones, have some kind of resistance to contact with liquids and water, but a waterproof smartphone case is by far the most practical and safe solution to make sure that your device is not damaged as a result of contact with liquids. 

Some people use them at sea to take their smartphone to the beach without fear of damaging it, while others also buy them to continue using their device in the rain (we think of those who love to take walks in the mountains and often encounter unpredictable weather conditions. favorable).

In this article, we offer you the opportunity to discover 5 models of waterproof cases for smartphones that can ensure safe use even in the presence of water, regardless of the selling price. In this regard, the items are listed in ascending price order, from the cheapest to the most expensive, to give you the opportunity to purchase the product that best suits your needs.

Let’s start our personal selection of the best waterproof cases for smartphones with a practical and economical model made by Olakin . At just over 5 euros, in fact, you have the possibility to protect any brand of smartphone that does not exceed 7 inches in size (practically 99% of the phones on the market) from splashes. Waterproof up to 30 meters deep, the protective film allows you to continue using the phone even if the surface is wet. Your phone is protected by a sturdy closure clip that prevents water, snow, sand and dirt from entering, while the reinforced lanyard allows you to carry it around your neck or wrist without fear of dropping the phone to the ground.

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Going up slightly in price we recommend that you consider the model made by YOSH , one of the most popular and appreciated brands in this price range. Fully compatible with most smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, etc., the case protects your smartphone up to a depth of 30 meters for up to 30 minutes. Also ideal for those who practice sports such as skiing, volleyball, jogging or hiking in the mountains in the rain, the case is made with a sturdy closure clip and with double stitching on the edges to ensure complete protection at all times.

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CACOE – kit of two waterproof cases

With about 2 euros more than the model just seen a few lines above, the solution created by CACOE equally protects your smartphone up to 30 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. The advantage of the model in question is that it actually includes two waterproof cases: you can continue to use your device and offer the other case to your partner or a friend to follow you out to sea without fear of damaging your device.

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The waterproof case made by Spigen , one of the most popular and appreciated brands in the world in the field of accessories for mobile devices, allows you to protect your smartphone by guaranteeing the possibility of continuing to use it even underwater. Waterproof and IPX8 certified against sand, water, dust and dirt, the Spigen case ensures you 360 ° protection without any kind of compromise. In addition, the bag can contain all types of devices as long as they do not exceed the size of 8 inches.

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We close our personal selection of waterproof cases for smartphones by offering you a unique model: it is a waterproof case up to 15 meters deep, also ideal for taking high-resolution photos under the surface of the water. In fact, thanks to a particular anti-glare “window”, with this case you can take all the photos you want underwater without fear of damaging your smartphone. In addition, there is also a practical hole to attach it to a tripod to take incredible artistic photos by the sea without fear of contact with splashes of water or sand.

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