WatchOS 10: concept brings iOS 16 features and functions only to Apple Watch Ultra

As is often the case with enthusiasts, as soon as a novelty has been launched, eyes are already directed towards the horizon of possibilities for the future. Well, that’s what’s happening now with watchOS 10, the next version of the Apple Watch operating system, which will succeed the recently released watchOS 9 . And, at least in the concept now published by the designer Parker Ortolani, the interface could incorporate iOS 16 features , such as Live Activities (the real-time information on the lock screen), in addition to features exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra.

WatchOS 10

Starting with the incorporation of Live Activities, which arrived with iOS 16.1 not long ago, the constantly updated real-time notifications could be embedded, in Parker’s imagination, on the main screen and even minimized to watch the clock. This function would allow, for example, to easily track the route of a delivery delivery, the status of an Uber ride or even the score of a football match.

Speaking of sports, the ideas also include a rest mode for those who exercise and need to warn the Apple Watch that they need a little time to recover from some activity before resuming normal programming. The idea goes above all to those who see problems with the Fitness mode tracking, which sometimes does not consider the necessary breaks during this type of activities.

There’s even a redesigned home screen that is more customizable with support for folders and different sorting options.

Exclusively for the Apple Watch Ultra, Parker imagines what a new “Explore” app would look like, able to help users find the best paths for trails, hikes and more with a real-time map and a featured compass too. In addition, Parker believes that incorporating a Safari browser would be interesting to somehow take advantage of the accessory’s larger screen.


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