Transparent screens: LG is working on it

The patent filed by LG dates as far back as 2015, but it is known only now. The South Korean giant would have thought of a smartphone with a folding screen , but also a transparent one . An idea at the moment quite abstract, but it seems that the hardware to develop such a product already exists.

Transparent screens: LG is working on it Foldable Smartphone, LG, Transparent Screen

The folding devices will begin to be sold in 2019, but it will take a while for them to become a mass-market product. There are still some barriers to overcome, such as the perception of extremely delicate devices and – above all – the price tag .

However, it seems that LG intends to carry on with the work, at least according to the particular patent that shows a smartphone equipped with a flexible and also transparent panel . Only a part, that dedicated to the body of hardware and battery, would be in metal or plastic.

Transparent screens: LG is working on it Foldable Smartphone, LG, Transparent Screen

The idea is very original, but we are not sure that the South Korean giant wants to develop it, at least for the moment. LG ‘s approach to the folding era was very different, less fascinating, but more concrete. Just compare the futuristic Huawei Mate X with LG V50 ThinQ (and its dual screen) to understand what we mean.

Therefore, if on the one hand it is not excluded that the company already possesses the technology to make the first prototypes of this kind, on the other we doubt that it is thinking of embarking on a project like this. Probably the patent exists because – in any case – LG wanted to protect its idea , regardless of the intention to implement it.

Furthermore, the first software optimized for foldable smartphones is currently under development: it is early to conceive some design for transparent screens.

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