TikTok has a new trend brown noise

TikTok has a new trend: brown noise

TikTok has a new trend brown noise

A new trend has spread across TikTok – brown noise. Bloggers vying with each other assure that this kind of synthetic noise helps them fall asleep.

 It sounds like another useless life hack, but let’s put aside skepticism and try to figure out how much the statements of tiktokers correspond to reality.

Brown noise is a type of synthetic noise along with white and pink noise. You have probably heard about white – this is the hiss of radio interference, where the sound is evenly distributed between all frequencies. Pink noise has less high and low frequencies, the best example is the sound of rain or the splashing of waves.

Brown noise, also called Brownian noise, has even lower frequencies than white and pink noise. It has a deep sound, reminiscent of the course of a stormy river or the surf. And such noise, like pink, can help you fall asleep, even if it doesn’t work for everyone.

Firstly, noise can distract from obsessive thoughts and put a person into a trance state, in which it becomes much easier to fall asleep. Secondly, the noise masks external stimuli, and against its background, even the loud sounds of a big city no longer seem so intense. So brown noise has the declared potential, you can try it for yourself.

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